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Does my health insurer reimburse the Intermedica Kliniek invoice?

An invoice from the Intermedica Kliniek is only reimbursed by health insurers when a consultation takes place following a referral from the general practitioner or a medical specialist. The reimbursement can be full or partial, because the percentage paid out depends on the health insurance you choose.

Your health insurer bases the reimbursement on the passer-by rate determined by them (see also our rates).

As with all medical costs, the reimbursement paid by the health insurer will be offset against your deductible.

Every health insurer is legally obliged to reimburse the part of the visitor rate agreed with you. (Healthcare Act, Article 13) This provision is stated in your basic health insurance. If you want to know what percentage of the passer-by rate your health insurer reimburses, you can contact them and inquire. If there is a remaining amount, this is your personal contribution.

This scheme is applied if there is no healthcare purchasing agreement ('contract') between a clinic and a health insurer. The Intermedica Kliniek does not have a healthcare purchasing agreement with health insurers.

When you inquire with your health insurer, you ask the following questions:
“What percentage of the rate of a non-contracted healthcare provider is reimbursed?”
The following information may be requested:


AGB code Intermedica Kliniek: 22.220300
NZA number: 291-0160
Declaration code (DBC code): 15C632 hair and nail abnormalities/mild ambulatory/adnexal skin
Care activity code: 190060
Healthcare product code: 120701027

The invoice you receive from us contains all the information required to enable a declaration to the health insurer.


First appointment without referral

Making a first appointment without a referral is also possible.

The consultation costs are then for your own account.

Repeat consultation without referral
It is not necessary for you to bring a new referral for a repeat consultation or check-up. You can submit the invoice for the check-up appointment to your health insurer.

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