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Intermedica Kliniek

More than 20 years of experience with hair problems

The Intermedica Clinic - founded in 2002 - is the national expertise center for hair diseases. In its 20 years of existence, the clinic has acquired a trusted place in healthcare in the Netherlands.

Fellow dermatologists and (university) hospitals refer patients with hair diseases or excessive hair loss to the Intermedica Clinic for diagnosis, treatment or a second opinion.

The clinic is the only hair clinic in the Netherlands where diagnosis and treatment take place by and under the responsibility of specialized dermatologists.

Perhaps you found us after a long period of uncertainty and search for a solution. At the Intermedica Kliniek we understand what concerns you.
The impact of hair problems is often very great. This influence is not only noticeable on the scalp itself, but also on your social functioning, your self-confidence and your psyche...

Loss of hair can lead to anxiety, sadness, panic and even depression. There are hair diseases that occur so rarely that they are poorly recognized, others are so common that they are not considered an abnormality.

In all cases there is a need for proper recognition of the problem and proper treatment for hair loss.

At Intermedica you will find all the knowledge and expertise in the field of hair problems. Make an appointment and we will be happy to help you!

Intermedica wachtruimte, over Intermedica Kliniek.

Why go to the Intermedica Clinic?

Everyone can contact the Intermedica Kliniek for objective medical advice from an experienced dermatologist for problems with all hair abnormalities and hair diseases, which manifest themselves, for example, in hair loss, (extreme) hair loss or baldness.

The doctors and dermatologists at the Intermedica Kliniek offer you extremely expert and objective medical advice and an honest presentation of the treatment options and prospects.

The Intermedica Clinic is, like all hospitals, an Institute for Specialist Medical Care, an Independent Treatment Center (ZBC).
A ZBC is a government-recognized clinic within which medical specialists are active. Doctors and medical specialists (dermatologists) work at the Intermedica Clinic. They diagnose and treat hair diseases and hair abnormalities (hair loss, hair loss, baldness).

The Intermedica Clinic is a member of the ZKN (association of independent clinics in the Netherlands).

Intermedica Team

The Intermedica team is driven to deliver excellent care. Our team advises and supports you every step of the way for the best possible result.

Team members not yet pictured: Dr. Linda de Jong (dermatologist), Aukje Boersma (consultant), Elien de Wit (consultant), Emile Gunes (laboratory technician), Britt Migo (laboratory technician)

Measuring is knowing

The Intermedica Clinic has very advanced equipment to accurately register and document scalp and hair. To monitor the progress of hair loss or treatment, the scalp is digitally recorded during a tricho scan with overview and detailed images.


This determines the number of hairs per square centimeter and assesses the quality of the hair. During check-ups (once a year), the trichoscan is repeated and we and you are able to monitor the progress of the treatment. Your GP and referring specialist will be informed about our findings.

On this website you will find a lot of information about hair diseases, hair disorders, hair loss, hair loss and baldness.

Are you worried about your hair? We can help you!

Your hair is getting thinner? You lose more hair than what you would consider normal? Your hairline is different than before? The quantity and quality of your hair is increasingly deteriorating and you don't want to accept that? What is the cause and what can you do about it?

Our dermatologists specialize in hair problems. During a consultation lasting over an hour, one of our dermatologists will make the diagnosis and discuss with you what treatment options are available.

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