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Intermedica Kliniek
for hair loss and baldness

Why Intermedica

we can help you

De borsteltest: meet zelf hoeveel haren je dagelijks verliest.

Solutions for hair problems

Why is my hair getting so thin and what can I do?

As a leading hair clinic, we understand that thinning hair has a major impact on the self-image and well-being of men and women. Our specialized dermatologists investigate the cause of your thinning hair and hair loss during an initial consultation, where a diagnosis and treatment options are immediately discussed. In most cases, only one visit is sufficient and we will continue to guide you with advice and monitoring in the subsequent period for effective treatment.

Waarom Intermedica
wat we doen

Objective medical advice

what we do

Objectief medisch advies van ervaren dermatologen.

Objective medical advice from experienced dermatologists

Plenty of time for an intake interview

At Intermedica Kliniek you receive objective medical advice from experienced dermatologists, specialized in hair diseases and conditions that cause hair loss or baldness. An extensive intake, including tricho scan, is performed to identify the problem. The specialized dermatologist discusses the diagnosis and treatment options based on the information collected in advance. Our clinic uses scientifically based and clinically proven methods for the safe and successful treatment of thinning hair, hair loss and baldness.

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No waiting list

an appointment is also possible on Saturday

Intermedica kliniek wachtruimte.

An appointment within a week, even on Saturdays

With and without a referral letter from your doctor or specialist

At Intermedica you can make an appointment with or without a referral letter from your doctor. If you have a referral letter, the consultation costs fall within the insured care of the basic package and you are entitled to reimbursement from your health insurer. The amount of the reimbursement depends on your health insurer and policy conditions. You can read more information about the compensation here.

Hair loss in women

Let our experienced dermatologist help you with a medical diagnosis and effective treatment plan for your hair problem, such as thinning hair and hair loss. Restore your hair, identity and self-confidence!

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