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Trix Basic Gamma met vrouw met een kale plek op je hoofd

TRIX Basic Gamma for a bald spot on your head

The supplement for patchy baldness

The cause of a bald spot on your head (patchy baldness) is not yet fully known. It occurs in about 2% of the population.

TRIX Basic Gamma nutritional supplements contain nutritional elements that have been scientifically proven to increase the chance of hair regrowth in case of spot baldness (alopecia areata).

TRIX Basic Gamma has been on the market for about 20 years and is recommended by general practitioners and dermatologists

We recommend use for at least 6 months for optimal results.

TRIX Basic Gamma

Specially developed for patchy baldness
Contains biotin and iron
Increases your resistance

Bald spot on your head

The cause of a bald spot on your head (patchy baldness) is not yet fully known. It occurs in about 2% of the population. The bald spot on your head, without any hair, often has a round or oval shape (alopecia areata). The bald spots are caused by a change in the immune system. The immune system protects your body against outside invaders. The body does not recognize the hair as its own and incorrectly rejects the hair.

Alopecia areata can develop due to various causes, often accompanied by stress. People with allergies (asthma, eczema, hay fever) are more likely to experience patchy baldness. The bald spot on your head can occur at any age. Alopecia areata occurs most often in the age category 'under 18 years'. The course of the bald spots is erratic and difficult to predict. In 50 – 80 percent of the cases, people who notice bald spots for the first time grow closed again within a number of years. However, the bald spots can also be permanent. The chance of permanent bald spots is greater if:

1. the bald spots first appear at a young age,

2. multiple bald spots or large bald spots are present,

3. multiple autoimmune diseases are present,

4. multiple family members have alopecia areata,

5. there is a bald band on the back of the head,

6. there are abnormalities in the nails, such as pits, grooves or splitting of the nails,

7. you experienced an allergy as a child.

What can you do about this?


Nourish and support your hair with the right vitamins and building blocks so that you increase the chance of regrowth of your hair.

TRIX Basic Gamma contributes to the maintenance of normal hair. The combination of active ingredients is such that the first effect can be expected from six months of use. TRIX Basic Gamma contains ingredients that have a scientifically proven effectiveness in supporting healthy hair growth. The scientific literature can be found in the package leaflet.

Trix Basic Gamma bij haaruitval in badkamer

Is TRIX Basic Gamma suitable for me?

TRIX Basic Gamma is also suitable for:



People with lactose intolerance

People with hypersensitivity to gluten


This product has not been tested on animals.
This product can be combined with all other TRIX Basic products.
The capsule is easy to open so that you can take the contents separately with water, for example. The capsules are 19x6 mm (normal size).

How to use?

Contents: 30 capsules per package.

Take one capsule once a day with water.

Do not exceed recommended daily dosage.

Keep out of reach of children.

Do not use during pregnancy.

TRIX Basic is a nutritional supplement and should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.


Calcium D pantothenate (vitamin B5, 1600%) - 100 mg

Vitamin B5 plays an important role in the construction and breakdown of proteins and fats. It is necessary for the body's energy supply.

Biotin (vitamin B8, 400% RDA) - 0.2 mg

The natural ingredient biotin supports healthy hair growth.

Pyridoxine HCl (vitamin B6, 1700% RDA) - 25 mg

Vitamin B6 contributes to good resistance and digestion. Furthermore, it plays an important role in blood production and the nervous system.

Cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12, 200% RDA) - 0.05 mg

Vitamin B12 is necessary for blood production and contributes to proper functioning of the nervous system.

Ferrous fumarate (100% RDA) - 15 mg

Ferrous fumarate is a form of iron that the body can easily absorb. Iron is needed for every cell division, including the formation of new hair. An iron deficiency can reduce hair growth and cause hair loss.

Zinc citrate (100% RDA) - 10 mg

Zinc contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system. Zinc is essential for the construction of proteins and for the growth and development of tissue.


Filler: microcrystalline cellulose Ph Eur – 100 mg.

Stabilizer: silicon dioxide – 4 mg.

Stabilizer: vegetable magnesium stearate – 2 mg.

Capsule: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (hpmc).

Patchy baldness alopecia areata

1. Normal situation
A hair grows from a hair follicle. In a normal situation, this process takes four to five years before the hair falls out.

2. Immune system attacks the hair
Below the skin surface, the immune system attacks the hair. A break occurs in the hair. The hair follicle is preserved.

3. The hair breaks under the skin
The immune system has divided the hair in two under the skin surface. The hair is very loose and high in the scalp. The hair follicle is preserved.

4. Hair falls out and hair follicle is damaged
The broken hair falls out. This is shaped like an exclamation mark: thick at the top, thin at the bottom. The hair follicle is no longer able to grow the remainder of the hair.

*Because the hair follicle is no longer able to grow hair, no hair on the head will be visible.

Patchy baldness alopecia areata

TRIX Basic supplements

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