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TRIX Basic Fibers als haarverdikker

TRIX Basic Fibers - the hair thickener made from 100% natural keratin

The hair thickener

Are you looking for a hair thickener that is natural and provides immediate results?

TRIX Basic Fibers made from 100% natural keratin is aimed at achieving immediate results by camouflaging the scalp and thus making the hair appear thicker and fuller.


TRIX Basic Fibers are easy to use and are available in different colors.

TRIX Basic Fibers

Get thicker hair with hair fibers

TRIX Basic Fibers has been specially developed for men and women with thinning hair and is suitable for people of any age. While with TRIX Basic Nutritional Supplements you need some time to see results, with hair fibers you immediately make a visible difference.


To immediately get thicker hair, sprinkle TRIX Basic Fibers on sparsely haired areas on your head. The hair fibers attach to these hairs, making the sparsely haired areas look thicker again. The scalp is no longer visible and you will immediately get optically thicker hair.


This product can be easily combined with TRIX Basic Nutritional Supplements.

What are hair fibers and how does it work?


TRIX Basic Fibers are hair thickening fibers made from 100% natural keratin. The small fibers attach to your hair through static electricity, giving you optically thicker hair. The fibers do their work until you wash or thoroughly brush the hair. The fibers will not simply fall out. As soon as you wash the hair with a shampoo, the fibers are removed. The fibers are 100% washable. These are so small and nice that they are drained via the shower drain. TRIX Basic Fibers are biodegradable and do not harm the environment.

TRIX Basic Fibers are available in nine colours: black, dark brown, brown, light brown, dark blond, medium blond, blond, light gray and grey. To get even closer to your own hair color, the colors can be mixed. The shakers can easily be opened to add a different color. Mix the two colors carefully using, for example, the back of a teaspoon. TRIX Basic Fibers are packaged as standard in a canister. You can also order affordable refill packs so that you can refill the shaker every time.

How do you use TRIX Basic Fibers?

For optimal effect, first wash the hair without conditioner. Then you dry and style the hair as you wish. Before applying the hair fibers, make sure your hair is completely dry. Now sprinkle the fibers over the places where the hairs are thinner.


You do this by holding the shaker above the sparsely haired areas and gently shaking or tapping. TRIX Basic Fibers blends naturally into your own hair. The thin hair now looks much thicker and the scalp is no longer visible. With a little practice you will achieve spectacular results!

Tip: fix the fibers by using hairspray for even better adhesion! Another tip: if your hair is very slippery, use a little hairspray before applying the fibers.

Available colors

Trix Basic Fibers Available colors



Natural proteins

Apply TRIX Basic Fibers

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TRIX Basic supplements

Hair loss in women

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