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Trix Basic Beta met vrouw met haaruitval door stress

TRIX Basic Beta for hair loss due to stress

The supplement for hair loss due to stress

Hair loss due to stress? Telogen effluvium? Suddenly losing a lot of hair can have various causes and lead to great panic. Help your hair recover faster.

TRIX Basic Beta nutritional supplements focus on promoting hair growth and restoring hair thickness and length in case of hair loss due to stress (telogen effluvium).

TRIX Basic Beta has been on the market for about 20 years and is recommended by general practitioners and dermatologists.

For maximum results we recommend use for 6 months.

TRIX Basic Beta

Specially developed for hair loss due to 'stress'
Contains the natural building materials for the hair
Increases your resistance

Hair loss due to stress

Severe stress has a negative effect on the hair. Hair loss due to physical or psychological stress is referred to in the medical world as telogen effluvium. With hair loss due to stress, approximately 150 – 400 hairs can fall out per day.


Due to the stress, hair growth stops. This means that the hair is less firmly attached to the skin and falls out more easily. Examples of severe stress are high fever, childbirth, emotional problems, a surgical procedure, anesthesia, an accident, infections, a strict diet or a stay in an extremely hot country. Women experience a lot of hair loss after giving birth due to stress.

During a normal hair growth cycle, a hair grows for four to five years before falling out. This cycle also takes place on your head and repeats itself about twenty times in your life. Under normal circumstances, about 50 – 100 hairs fall out per day.


Due to the stressful situation, often this is one specific stress moment that you experienced 3-6 months ago, you are now not only experiencing your normal hair loss, but also the hairs that you were only going to lose next month are falling out. These are usually hairs that have the length of the hairstyle (long hair). You now see many more hairs in your brush and shower drain than normal! This often leads to even more stress.

What can you do about this?


Nourish and support your hair with the right vitamins and building blocks so that you accelerate the recovery of your hair.

Nutritional supplement TRIX Basic Beta has been specially developed by a team of specialists and contains natural building blocks for the hair.


TRIX Basic Beta is aimed at hair loss due to stress and contains ingredients that have a scientifically proven effectiveness in supporting healthy hair growth. A noticeable effect can be expected after 3-6 months of use. The scientific literature can be found in the package leaflet.

Door de stress stopt de groei van de haar. De haar komt daardoor minder stevig in de huid vast te zitten en valt hierdoor makkelijker uit. Voorbeelden van heftige stress zijn hoge koorts, bevalling, emotionele problemen, een operatieve ingreep, narcose, een ongeval, infecties, een streng dieet of een verblijf in een extreem warm land. Vrouwen ervaren na een bevalling veel haaruitval door stress.

Tijdens een normale haargroeicyclus groeit een haar gedurende vier à vijf jaar voordat deze uitvalt. Deze cyclus vindt ook op jouw hoofd plaats en herhaalt zich ongeveer twintig keer in je leven. Onder normale omstandigheden vallen er zo’n 50 – 100 haren per dag uit.


Door de stresssituatie, vaak is dit één specifiek stressmoment dat je 3-6 maanden geleden hebt beleefd, ervaar je nu niet alleen je normale haaruitval, maar ook vallen de haren uit die je pas volgende maand zou verliezen. Dat zijn doorgaans haren die de lengte van het kapsel hebben (lange haren). Je ziet nu veel meer haren in je borstel en doucheputje dan normaal! Dit leidt vaak naar nog meer stress.

Wat je hiertegen kunt doen?


Voed en ondersteun je haar met de juiste vitaminen en bouwstoffen zodat je het herstel van je haar versnelt.

Voedingssupplement TRIX Basic Beta is speciaal ontwikkeld door een team van specialisten en bevat de natuurlijke bouwstoffen voor het haar.


TRIX Basic Beta is gericht op haaruitval door stress en bevat ingrediënten die een wetenschappelijk bewezen effectiviteit hebben bij ondersteuning van een gezonde haargroei. Een merkbaar effect mag verwacht worden na 3-6 maanden gebruik. De wetenschappelijke literatuur vind je in de bijsluiter.

Trix Basic Beta bij haaruitval in badkamer

Is TRIX Basic Beta suitable for me?

TRIX Basic Beta is also suitable for:



People with lactose intolerance

People with hypersensitivity to gluten


This product has not been tested on animals.
This product can be combined with all other TRIX Basic products.
The capsule is easy to open so that you can take the contents separately with water, for example.

The capsules are 19x6 mm (normal size).

How to use?

Contents: 30 capsules per package.

Take one capsule once a day with water.

Do not exceed recommended daily dosage.

Keep out of reach of children.

Do not use during pregnancy.

Trix Basic is a nutritional supplement and should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

Take Trix Basic Beta preferably one hour before going to bed.


N-acetyl-L-cysteine - 120 mg

N-acetyl-L-cysteine promotes the growth of beautiful and healthy hair. This substance provides the body with cysteine, a sulfur-containing amino acid that is an essential component of the hair protein keratin.

Cholecalciferol (vitamin D3, 200% RDA) - 30 mcg

Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) extends the growth phase of your hair. A vitamin D3 deficiency can reduce hair growth, causing thinner and shorter hair.

Phytosterol complex - 100 mg

Phytosterol complex contains substances that are essential for the development and production of hair.

Ferrous fumarate (100% RDA) - 15 mg

Ferrous fumarate is a form of iron that the body can easily absorb. Iron is needed for every cell division, including the formation of new hair. An iron deficiency can reduce hair growth and cause hair loss.

Selenium (170% DV) - 100 mcg

Selenium protects your body against the formation of harmful substances. Selenium contributes to the maintenance of normal hair.

Melatonin - 250 mcg

Melatonin influences cell division. Cell division is promoted in the presence of sufficient melatonin. Melatonin is known as a very strong antioxidant. A (relative) deficiency of melatonin can slow down hair growth.


Filler: microcrystalline cellulose Ph Eur – 76 g.

Stabilizer: silicon dioxide – 8 mg.

Stabilizer: vegetable magnesium stearate – 16 mg.

Capsule: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (hpmc).

Hair cycle
telogen effluvium

1. Growth phase
Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is produced in the body and attaches to receptors in the hair follicle. This shortens the growth phase of the hair from the original four to five years to just a few months after various hair changes.

2. Alternation phase
The hair follicle containing the old hair is shed. The blood supply to this hair decreases because a new hair follicle with hair is formed. The old hair is now less deeply embedded in the scalp and is therefore easier to pull out. The new hair is also affected by DHT.

3. Dropout phase
The old hair is no longer nourished and sits on your head as 'dead material'. The new hair is now nourished and growing. The old hair is pushed further and further into the scalp.

4. Dropout phase
The old hair falls out. The new hair is less deeply rooted because it is affected by DHT. This hair is also replaced by a new hair. The duration of this hair cycle is shorter than that of its predecessor. After 5 to 10 cycles, the hairs have become very thin and short.

*This hair cycle takes place approximately 20 times in a human life. The lifespan of each hair affected by DHT decreases from four to five years to just a few months. This is in contrast to healthy hair in people without hereditary baldness.

Hair cycle telogen effluvium

TRIX Basic supplements

Are you worried about your hair?
We can help!

Do you notice that your hair is getting thinner? Are you losing more hair than normal? Has your hairline changed compared to the past? Are you concerned about the decline in quality of your hair and do you want to know what you can do?

Our dermatologists are experts in the field of hair problems.

During a consultation, a thorough diagnosis is made and the treatment options are discussed with you in detail, together with what you can expect. We understand that hair loss can have an emotional impact and our team of professionals are ready to support you and provide the best possible solutions.

Hair loss in women

Let our experienced dermatologist help you with a medical diagnosis and effective treatment plan for your hair problem, such as thinning hair and hair loss. Restore your hair, identity and self-confidence!

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